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“St. Prorok Iliya” Monastery situated in the village of Gorna Breznitsa, Municipality of Kresna, is built in the place of a Thracian sanctuary and one-time monastery bearing the same name, which was destroyed under the Turkish slavery and its monks were expelled to a monastery in the town of Berovo (Macedonia). Even today there is a small church in this town bearing the name of the saint.When building temples, the Thracians used to stick rigidly to the invisible energy map of the Earth and build their homes and santuaries according to this map. They used to build their altars at specific places and waters, and only the enlightened used to make miracles there beyond human abilities. Until 1956, every year on 20th July in the locality of Ilin Cheshma (Ilin Fountain) there used to be fairs, on which men used to go out throughout the day on their horses loaded with wood and lambs for boiled mutton (called “kurban”).


 Women u sed to come on the next day with their children, bringing round loaves and pastry (called “banitsa”) for the celebration. The construction of the Monastery in the new time started in 1992 initiated by the church donor Grigor Borisov Mitrev and his family – his wife Ivelina Mitreva and his sons Petar and Alexander. The monastery complex is situated on an area of 10 dka, surrounded by a small wall, which sets the borders of the complex, which includes St. Prorok Iliya Church, a tower – belfry tower, a residential building with a library and donative icons, St. Georgii Pobedonosets Church, St. Prorok Iliya Holy Spring. In 1992, the inauguration of St. Prorok Iliya Church also brought back the tradition of the 20th July – a patron saint’s day, the church donor to present boiled mutton for health. All inhabitants of the village and the vicinity once again started going out to the locality of Ilin Cheshma to celebrate the patron saint’s day.